Warm Kitty Nose . . . What Meow?


Nothing like kitty head bumps and kitty nose kisses.  Oh dear . . . Kitty’s nose isn’t moist or cold!  What to do meow?



The Nose Dodge

Baby Girl, one of my three black siblings has never been a big fan of nose kisses.  This could be the result.  😉  Hee.  Actually, I’ve rarely seen this sweet girl look annoyed.  However . . .

rem & baby girl hee hee
If I zero in for an Eskimo nuzzle, she often dodges me.  But I sometimes just can’t resist.   Maybe I should throw in a Tuna flavored breath mint first!

Gav and kitty kiss

Don’t get me wrong.  Baby Girl is very loving.  She initiates lovey-dovey kitty sessions all the time, just not nose-related.

Warm Nose

One evening when sneaking in a nose kiss, I was taken aback. Her cute little nose was warm and dry as sandpaper (fine grit). To be honest, I panicked. That’s a bad sign isn’t it? What’s wrong? I felt Squeeker’s. Yep. Nice, moist and cold. Good for him, but not for her!

So WHAT MEOW? I got online, of course!

I read lots of stuff that mostly reassured me.   I decided to put what I found to be most helpful here, so it’s all in one place.


  • Dr. Debra of www.Petplace.com comments on Does a cold wet nose mean your cat is healthy? “The answer is NO!”, she says. “A cold wet nose does not determine health. A cat with a good appetite maintaining a good body weight and is playful is a sign of good health.”
  • VetWest on their web Pet Library www.vetwest.com.au  claims, “A cold, wet nose is just one sign of wellness in cats and dogs and should not be considered in isolation as an indication of overall health. On occasion you will find a healthy pet with a warm dry nose. Perhaps they don’t lick their nose as often, or secrete as much mucous. On the other hand a sick pet can have a cold, wet nose.”
  • Hill’s Pet Care Center  www.hillspet.com/   says on their web page:

“Cat parents frequently ask if a dry, warm nose means their cat is sick. The short answer is no. A healthy cat’s nose can vary between wet and dry several times over the course of a day. And there are many reasons your cat can have a dry, warm nose that have nothing to do with health. Here are a few:

Lying in the sun
Spending time near a source of heat
Dwelling in a room with poor air circulation
Licking — saliva quickly dries on skin”

“Looking at a cat’s nose is a good way to check for some other problems. If your cat’s nasal skin is flaking, a dermatological problem may be to blame. Ask your veterinarian to check it out.
When examining your cat’s nose, another thing to look for is nasal discharge. If your cat’s nose runs, the mucus should be clear. If your cat is producing bubbly, thick, yellow, green or even black mucus, see your veterinarian.”


Nice & Moist

By the time I had finished doing my research, I felt her nose again (after multiple times during).

Baby Girl - Healthy NoseHer nose was back to velvety soft, cold and moist. Whew! My darling girl was just fine.

Good to have a little nose knowledge under my kitty belt fur next time!
Naturally, every situation is different and you should use your discretion and consult your vet if in any doubt.

Have you had any experience with un-cool kitty noses that you’d like to share?  Please leave a comment.  Meeeeeeeeeeeeow!  =:-}

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