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I have been blessed to have wonderful companies choose to Sponsor, Partner or become an Affiliate with me. After my personal serious research, I’ve found these companies have the very best products that are a great fit for me!   I’ve always been compelled to SHARE with others the things I discover and believe in.  Whether it be family, friends or strangers in the grocery isle, I’m sharing!  Things which I enjoy and find  to be healthful, beneficial and make one feel wonderful, even beautiful.  Most importantly, as I use things in everyday life, I tell my stories on my various pages!   Enjoy!
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Deborah Reed - Troll 2 Queen - Producer, Actor, Author, Blogger - products affiliate
Deborah Reed – Troll 2 Queen – Producer, Actor, Author, Blogger – products affiliate


Deborah Reed – Troll 2 Queen – Producer, Actor, Author, Blogger – products affiliate

For more info on the cult classic film,”Troll 2″, and my career in film, visit my IMDb page.

Deborah Reed - Troll2 Queen - Comic Con promo-poster

Deborah Reed – Troll2 Queen – Comic Con promo-poster