Quotes for a Beautiful Life

Inspirational Quote for Happiness on Dark clouds with Sun shining through.

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE ~ Finding HAPPINESS My darling grandfather on my mother’s side was a rugged Mining Engineer, who braved the harsh mountains alone many times as he did important surveys for the state.  But what I recall of him was his gentle nature.  He wrote thoughtful, wonderful verse and would quote others’ he felt worthy of repeating and […]

Mother’s Day BOSCH Mixer Special! Free Attachment!

Mother's Day BOSCH Mixer Special - FREE ATTACHMENT!, Bosch Mixer Special, kitchen mixer, food mixer, small appliance

Mother’s Day BOSCH Mixer Special – FREE ATTACHMENT! MOM STILL USING THAT SAME OLD MIXER?  :O  What could be better than getting her something that will bring her fun all year long and many years to come!   Right now is perfect, because for a limited time there is an awesome Mother’s Day BOSCH Mixer Special – FREE ATTACHMENT!  *see below! […]


My Funny e-Cards-Easter Bunny

MY FUNNY e-CARDS   Look Inside!  Tagline below!   Funny e-Cards? I love to laugh and love to make others laugh.   I’ve seen entire audiences rolling in the isles on a production I wrote. What could be more fun than that?  Most of all, it’s gratifying to know you are bringing a smile to […]

Easter Dangers for Pets!

WHAT’S CUTER THAN AN EASTER BUNNY?  AN EASTER BUNNY~KITTY!  🙂 I’m a huge bunny fan.  I’ve had several.  My family now has two!  *see below  🙂  We are all also HUGE KITTY fans. So a Bunny-Kitty is just about hoppily puuuurfect! Hee.  HOPPY EASTER, DEAR KITTIES & BUNNIES!   SAFETY FOR YOUR PETS DURING THE HOLIDAY ~ […]

26 Creepy, Scary Vintage Valentine Cards

VALENTINE’S DAY ~ All SWEET HEARTS & FLOWERS . . . RIGHT?  NOT! Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech to a HALT!   I’ve been gathering these for awhile because they are simply fascinating?  What were they thinking in the day?  I’m all for fun and camp, and some of these are just weird or skin-crawly artistic style, but others are just […]