Writing For Kids

WRITING FOR KIDS!  Click on the drop-down categories for each of my books and game!  Also, “Books to Crawl Into” ~ My reviews of books I love!

I love kids. They are our light and our hope. For fifteen years I developed and taught a course for kids, The Art of Modeling & Working in TV and Film, for the renowned McCarty Agency. But I made it more than that.    Self-esteem and holding onto individual values with an emphasis on kindness and positive thinking was what I most desired to instill. I continue that hope through my writing for children with a lot of laughs along the way!

I’ve been going through some old albums and found my childhood aspirations of writing and artwork.  Amusing –  haha.  Soon I will tell you my stories of what I did to prepare myself for what I love doing so much now.  Writing & Drawing!


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