Mother’s Day BOSCH Mixer Special! Free Attachment!

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Mother’s Day BOSCH Mixer Special – FREE ATTACHMENT! MOM STILL USING THAT SAME OLD MIXER?  :O  What could be better than getting her something that will bring her fun all year long and many years to come!   Right now is perfect, because for a limited time there is an awesome Mother’s Day BOSCH Mixer Special – FREE ATTACHMENT!  *see below! […]

3 Homemade Delicious Sloppy Joes for Super Bowl!


IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN!  Tender thoughts of the Game, Family, Friends and….. FOOD! WHAT’S A BIG FOOTBALL DAY FOODIE HIT?  SLOPPY JOES! (Check out Healthy Homemade HONEY-GINGER BBQ SAUCE at end of article!) My flood-torn new kitchen is ALMOST FINISHED! Soon, I’ll be happily cooking away, creating yummies to my heart’s desire within my new wonderful […]

Jeweled Shortbread

THE PERFECT HOLIDAY FARE! You haven’t tasted shortbread until you have tasted my guest, Jean’s, “Jeweled Shortbread”!  Perfect for Holiday Parties or Gifts! Having not had a kitchen after my flood for several years now, I am SO looking forward to getting back into my new one to whip up tasty, healthful meals and treats, when […]

My Foodie Son – A Happy Cooker!

MIXIN’ IT UP! My son loves to cook.  He’s been wanting a better mixer for awhile, so his cute wife to oblige.  He was oh so pleased! (As you can tell by the cheesy smile.) 😀 The kids thought the delivery box was fun!   Played in it for quite awhile.  🙂 Thought I’d share about […]