My DIY Non-Toxic Floor Underlayment

HAPPY FEET~ HEALTHY ME The kitchen is starting to come together!  Still putting finishing touches on cabinets and dreaming of new appliances!  But before that could happen, I needed my new floor in place.  My flooring, Luxury Vinyl Planks, had already arrived – Ready and anxiously waiting.  I had been told that for my particular flooring, underlayment […]

My New DIY Eco Friendly Backsplash!

My DIY Kitchen earth-friendly non-toxic tile backsplash project, Deborah Reed, Troll 2 Queen

DIY Kitchen earth-friendly non-toxic tile backsplash project  YAY!   I can hardly believe it.  Four post-flood years later, my kitchen is beginning to look like a kitchen again!  We have a good start on my DIY cabinets and a few other things – but have a ways to go.  And now excited to share with you […]

Mold! My DYI Remediation Story

WADING THROUGH LIFE & WATER I had just lost my husband.   It had only been a month and I wasn’t thinking about the flood that had occurred just two weeks prior to my loss.  That day we had awakened to water raging through the house.  Randy was distraught.  He wanted to help!  But couldn’t.  My […]