Road Trip! My Memories & 50 Great Games for the Car


Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?


Every summer my parents, two brothers, our ‘weenie’ dog, Poppy, and I would pile into our lemon yellow station wagon and made an excursion from our home in California to visit my darling grandparents in Utah.  It was good times and we did have fun.  Part of the time.  Reading could lead to queasiness. Boredom can lead to restlessness and crankiness.   So there were a few family games we would play that made the endless, monotonous hours more bearable.

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How Many Miles? 

My dad would say, “Alright everyone, take a guess how many miles to that landmark (or whatever), up there.  That was interesting and worked for a little while here and there.

Mirage Stories

I also remember the mirages during the long hauls in the Nevada desert.  Fascinating.  We would tell fantasy stories to each other surrounding them.

Road Kill

Wow, we must have reeeeeally been bored, but I remember my older brother and I sticking our heads out the back of the station wagon and counting road kill hit by other cars.  (Back in the day when on the road we were let out of our seat belts.)  Yuk!  Critters squashed flat like pancakes.  Poor things.  I can hardly believe it, as I’m so squeamish about any creature that is harmed in any small way.   🙁   And my brother, an animal lover,  is very humane in nature.  I asked him the other day if he remembered that.  He laughed with a bit of shock and said he hadn’t!   Later in life I had nightmares about running over things.  On our road trips we definitely needed something better to do with our time!

Road Kill

Opportunity & Memories

Of course, it’s a whole new world today with our gadgets that kids and parents have alike.  But as I reminisce about those family trips with my mom and dad, both now gone, I realize it is those times where we talked, laughed and shared games and stories were so precious.  I remember them with fondness.  I don’t think I’d remember the time I’d spent on my tablet.

ONE BOOK – 50 Games, Organized & ALL IN ONE PLACE

When I read this book, all of my road trip memories came flooding back.  This book has some great games for fun, sharing, and learning that will make the time fly for you and your kids!  There are a few I really wish we had played on our trips.  Some where you really get to know and appreciate each other in ways that slip by us in our busy everyday lives.  Also some that illicit self reflection and insight. Instead of the proverbial, Are we there yet, your kids will be saying, “Are we there already?”  🙂


ROAD TRIP!  50 Family Approved Games For The Car   by Diane Ethington & Aubree Ethington Jolley

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This family book has some great games the whole family will enjoy. I think these would be wonderful for Family Nights or even whole family gatherings, where kids and their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles can all get to know one another better and the lives they’ve lived!  I would record for posterity.  🙂

It is faith and patriotic oriented planner and especially effective if parents use it in preparing somewhat ahead of time for their next fun and eventful road trip.  I received this book for a fair and balanced review.

I hope you enjoyed my memories and this book review.  Please stay in touch & Subscribe! (Right hand column or on Phone, scroll to bottom.)

Much thanks  ~ Deba Do   ♥

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  1. Sarah Randles says: Reply

    Thank you Deborah for sharing your memories! 🙂 Me and my family did that too! Playing games and did other stuff. I remember on a trip to California when I was six me and my siblings brought our coloring books and crayons with us, and put them behind our heads in the back seat. Since California was so hot, the crayons all melted! 😀 It was just a colorful mess, haha! Nowadays with all the tech that’s out it’s nice to have but it can be too much. Especially with kids using them now, it would be nice to not let the kids bring them and just enjoy the scenery outside and just enjoy the day(s). I was a kid in the late 90s and early 00s and I miss the simple things. As an adult now what I would like to do is listen to my iPod and just look at the scenery and zone out. That’s what I like. 🙂

    1. Deborah Reed says: Reply

      Thank you so much, Sarah, for all the great memories and thoughts! Wonderful to read about. <3 Ha ha... I wonder how many of us have experienced the melted crayons... 😉

  2. Dave H says: Reply

    I remember a road trip in Yellowstone one year. Chevy wagon, me facing backwards with the rear window down. Everyone up front watching the bears, while in the back a bear was coming close to putting his head in…..Daaaad, Daaaaad! They turn around and ………?……I don’t remember if there was screaming or silence, but he fumbled around and finally got the window up!

    1. Deborah Reed says: Reply

      ha ha ha wow, what a story! Love that. Thanks so much for commenting, Dave! 😀

  3. Keli Smith says: Reply

    I wish I had owned this book when my kids were little! But I can pass it on to my grandkids! Thanks Deborah!

    1. Deborah Reed says: Reply

      Yes, I agree on both counts, Keli! Thanks to you, for sharing that with me. 🙂

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