7 last Minute Fun Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day!


Last minute MOM GIFTS! Who is more deserving!  Moms are always thinking of others before they think to buy a Mom Gift for themselves! Well, here are some ideas that she will enjoy for years to come and you may, too!  If it looks like it won’t arrive in time, I often add a pic in a card, with something like… “Coming soon ~ But my Love is on Time!”  

Mom Gift #1  –  Fit Mom!

Fitness tracker watch, Hembeer V1 Smart Band with Step Tracker, Pedometer Bluetooth Bracelet Activity Tracker/ Sleep Monitor, Calories Track Sweatproof Health Band for iPhone & Android phones.

Only $27.99 on amazon Prime!  These are fab!  I can’t wait to track my sleep!  🙂


Mom Gifts - Last Minute Ideas!
Mom Gifts – Last Minute Ideas!

Mom gift #2 – Happy Clean Mom!

Hands Free Foaming Soap Dispenser

Automatic Soap Dispenser for Foam,on the Bathroom & Kitchen Countertops with Waterproof function, Touchless Adjustable Foam Controls,16oz Capacity

Only $28 on amazon Prime!

I absolutely love mine!  Sanitary!  😀  You can use your own fave soap mixed with water.  Saves on soap and $!  I like also Dawn clear from the grocery and you can add a few drops of your fave essential oil!   This organic one on amazon is also a very lovely one I’ve used.

Mom Gift - Hands Free Foaming Hand Cleaner
Mom Gift – Hands Free Foaming Hand Cleaner

Mom Gift #3  Easy Peasie MOM!

Making Life just a little easier for mom! (Or a lot!)  I must admit I don’t have one, but it’s on my wish list… 😉   There has been many a time I have wished I had one for a pesky jar!  (Helps the guys too.  Sometimes I loosen the jar for them!)   😉

Robotwist Automatic, Adjustable Easy Open Jar Opener

Only $23.95 on amazon Prime!

Mom Gift - Automatic Jar Opener
Mom Gift – Automatic Jar Opener

Mom Gift #4  Soothing MOM!

Ahhhhhhhh  The comfort!  Love these when need to relax my muscles or handy when you go bump in the night! (Or wherever, where I’m concerned – hee)

The Original Hot/Cold Herbal Pack – Microwave Heating Pad 

Only $19.99 on Prime!

Mom Gift - Herbal Heat pads
Mom Gift – Herbal Heat pads

Mom Gift #5  Quite Time MOM!

Nothing like Mom’s Quiet Reading Time!  I love Kindle and all that it offers!


Mom Gift #6   Listening Pleasure MOM!

Her own private little ‘android’ at a great price for you! Listen to music, books and so much more!

Mom Gift #7   Her Own Style ~ Handmade Jewelry!

Mom Gift #6  Foodie MOM!

If your fave mom loves to be creating magic in the kitchen, treat her to the amazing BOSCH!  Right now, Bosch is offering a Special with a Extra Free Attachment!  I looove mine!  🙂   Check out my Blog Post!

Mom Gift - Bosch Mother's Day Special
Mom Gift – Bosch Mother’s Day Special

Mom Gift #7  Her Choice MOM!

If you can’t decide and think she would like to make HER OWN CHOICE, there is always the Gift Card!  🙂


Don’t have amazon PRIME?  Try a 30 day FREE Trial!  I love the 2 Day Shipping convenience and the Prime Movies!

****I’m an affiliate for amazon and get a small kick-back on anything you purchase when you enter any of my links above while you are on the site!  Yay!  Most noteworthy, as you may have noticed, these are mostly all things I use and love!  🙂

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