Non-toxic Spackle Paste & Putty! Low VOC & much More!

I was needing to fill many nail holes and one larger hole, so went searching for an EARTH-HUMAN FRIENDLY Non-toxic spackle, but couldn’t find in any stores.  Frustrated! Until I discovered this awesome stuff! Crawford’s Non-Toxic Spackle paste- Echo Friendly! Non-toxic Spackle – CONTAINS NO MERCURY, TIN, FORMALDEHYDE, ASBESTOS, DETECTABLE AMOUNTS OF BENZENE, NAPHTHALENE OR […]

My DIY Non-Toxic Floor Underlayment

HAPPY FEET~ HEALTHY ME The kitchen is starting to come together!  Still putting finishing touches on cabinets and dreaming of new appliances!  But before that could happen, I needed my new floor in place.  My flooring, Luxury Vinyl Planks, had already arrived – Ready and anxiously waiting.  I had been told that for my particular flooring, underlayment […]

Vacmaster – The Best Hepa Sucker in the Universe! ~ My Story

RIDDLE:  WHAT SUCKS BUT DOESN’T SUCK? Vacmaster!  This awesome hepa vac doesn’t suck…cause it really does suck!  😉 Ha Ha.  Okay, I know it’s an ancient joke, but couldn’t help myself cause it’s so true!  This naughty-micron-munching monster sucks and sucks then suuuuuuucks some more.    It seemed never-ending while doing my extensive disgusting, moldy renovation.  It’s such a breeze to […]

Non Toxic Mold Control – Great stuff!

I searched heavily to find what I thought would be the best and safest solution for me and my family without bleach, ammonia & other chemicals, as well as Zero VOC. I called and spoke with managers and biologists for companies of products with my questions. My end result was Concrobium.  I haven’t been sorry […]