Blondie McGhee bk 1~ MG Book Review – Empowering

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At Your Service!:  Blondie McGhee Detective Series: funny Detective Mystery Series for 9-12 Year Old Girls

Blondie McGhee

While reading Blondie McGhee, I felt a yearning for the me as the young girl that would have loved this book. I know it would have incited the detective bug and I would have been finding a daily mysteries to solve while digging up clues right and left. What fun!

The first book in the series is wholesome and a great empowering experience for young girls.

Excited to share with my granddaughters.

Even more wonderful is that the author, Ashley Eneriz donates 20% of book sale profits to help a mama and her family in need. Two great reasons to add this book to your library!

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