Ground Hog Day~Movie Review-Top Faves!

FIVE HEARTS   ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  5/5

Deja Vous  &  Round and Round We Go!

If you haven’t seen this movie, those are my hints, and while you might somewhat imagine the premise, I don’t believe anyone could envision how beautifully well crafted this movie is in every way.


It is LOL, wee wee your pants, hilarious!


No big spoilers from me, but let’s just say prominent weatherman, Bill Murray (Phil), sarcastic and sour-on-most-everything, ends up in a Time Warp.  This takes frustration to a whole new level!

FYI – During filming, Groundhog Phil, took a chunk outta Phil! (Bill) Confused?  See more!


This film is so full of funny, but surprisingly touching.  I cry like a baby in places.  You know the saying, “Learn From Your Mistakes”?  Well, this film is the epitome of that lesson, making you to want every moment you have on this earth, to be special and count the ‘first time around’.


Romantic comedy to the umpth degree.


The lovely Andie MacDowell and Bill Murray make for marvelous chemistry.

I’ve watched this about a zillion times and never grow tired of it! Even though a large part of it basically loops again and again, it’s amazing to me how writer/director, Harold Ramis, managed to make every moment interesting and count.  In fact, unforgettable!  Sadly, he passed in 2014 at only 69, but lived to see his work bare fruit and find the longevity of success.  Ghost Busters I & II (Writer).  Also starring Murray!

GROUNDHOG DAY  Rated PG  (1993)

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