Chickie Needed Forever Home~Meet Frankie!

Welcoming the newest member to the Family.  Meet Frankie!Pet_Chicken +in+House

Sweet Frankie has had a rough time of it.  She was happily living with a loving human/chicken family and thought it was her forever home.  She and her sisters loved to be cuddled by their boy.

boy and chicken

Poor Chickie

But one day her owners endured a terrible incident.  Ruthless unknown entities broke into their yard and did vicious harm to poor Frankie.  🙁   Her lovely comb needed to be sewn back in place via a hefty vet bill.


Frankie was a little trooper!  She was mending well, but there was a new problem.  By nature, chickens will be inclined to go into pecking the ‘weak’ injured chicken mode.  Oh!  Double-Poor Frankie!  Her owners tried everything.  They even got little chicken masks for her sisters to see if that would help.   It makes so they’re not able to see what’s right in front of them. They can still see to the side, so they can eat and drink and move around just fine, but they don’t go after other chickens.  (Well, that’s what’s supposed to happen . . .)


Featherever Home

Frankie needed a new  forever home. And that is what she got.

Frankie in her new chickie house and her proud new owner making a chicken face in Frankie’s honor! (Frankie keeps in touch with her boy.)   🙂


More to come on the adventures of Frankie and the gang!  Stay tuned ~ PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!♥

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  1. Scott says: Reply

    I grew up with dachshunds , one after the other. Great Breed.

    1. Deborah Reed says: Reply

      How fun, Scott! So did I! Yes, a wonderful breed. We got our little Poppy when I was five and had her into High School. We named her after the California Poppy. I’ll do a story on her one day. 🙂

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