“Troll 2” DVD Giveaway ~ Autographed by your Queen

Fan Art - Artist, Yannick Bouchard

My Appreciation for my Appetizing Fans! OMGoblins!  TROll 2 Autographed DVD Giveaway! My Goblins are Giddy!  It’s the Cat’s Meow & my Goblins’ Growl! GREETINGS, my darling Minions!         (The 20th Anniversary Nilbog Edition) [Multi-format Blu-ray]   Troll 2 Autographed DVD Giveaway ~How to Win!  For YOUR chance to win a personalized Autographed Troll 2 DVD in a random Drawing: […]

Skull Gun Fun ~ Halloween Giveaway

WIN!  CUSTOM CRAFTED SKULL ‘N’ BONES!  ? Value: $150, by renowned artisan, John Cottam. A beautiful work of art that can be brandished on Halloween and be equally at home on a shelf in your own ‘unique’ home decor! Small skull on bottom.  He’s excited to live with you! This beautiful piece has been hand-crafted and painted, signed & dated by […]