13 Vintage Soldiers, Kitties & Blessings


We honor the men and women who are often put in harms way.  We are grateful for their bravery.  I like to also always remember their tender sides.  There is nothing more tender to me than the love for sweet cats, often in need of love and assistance in times of strife in the world.  And KITTIES, […]

Black Cat Appreciation Day ~ My 3 Angels

A NEW AWAKENING I didn’t know I truly appreciated BLACK CATS until we rescued my three black kitties’ feral mother nearly fifteen years ago.  She gave birth shortly after then was sadly killed in the hills near our home.  We took over as kitty mom and and have been head-over-heals in love ever since! ♥ […]

Warm Kitty Nose . . . What Meow?

UN-COOL NOSE NOT SO COOL? Nothing like kitty head bumps and kitty nose kisses.  Oh dear . . . Kitty’s nose isn’t moist or cold!  What to do meow?   The Nose Dodge Baby Girl, one of my three black siblings has never been a big fan of nose kisses.  This could be the result.  […]