Angel Kitty Pendant Giveaway

I Appreciate My Wonderful Kitty-Loving Followers! I decided it would be nice to give back and offer something very special in a random drawing.  What could be more special than a sweet Angel Kitty pendant giveaway? Giving Back ~ Random Drawing! Handmade Sterling Silver Angel Kitty Pendant with Personalized Engraving of your choosing. This lovely piece can be […]

Prayers for Texas

Prayers for Texas

Tropical Storm Harvey Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017, in Houston, Texas Emotional Loss in Texas.  So many sorting through what used to be their homes for any beloved treasure.           Photo credit: John Shear, National Desk We watch the devastation in Texas and worry for all in harm’s way.  We see acts […]

Halloween Countdown 2017!

Halloween Countdown!

One Holiday at a Time, if you Please Halloween Countdown?  What?  Already, you say?  Never too early for a countdown to Halloween, eh dear Minions?  I have to admit when I went to Costco, the other day, skeletons and witches were invading my organic foods space, and I said to myself and anyone within earshot, “What? […]

Amazon Prime 2017! Awesome Deals!

Amazon Prime Day -Frankenstein's Bride Wants to Shop!

Amazon Prime!  Hurry to Catch the Cool Deals!  I love amazon and the friendly customer service whenever I’ve had a question or not happy with something I’ve ordered.  Great experience.  So I became an affiliate which means I get a small kickback whenever you enter through one of my links on anything you purchase on […]