“Troll 2” Trivia~Name This Scene!

How’s Your Troll 2 Recall?

How ’bout a little Troll 2 trivia?  Aw, the memories!  This scene I am particularly fond of.  Well, yes, there are many.  But it was great fun to play it!  Darren Ewing was just cool and fun to be around!

What is happening in this scene?    Do you remember what I am saying? 

Can you guess before you peek? (For fun, scroll down with your eyeballs closed and write your comment first!  Then you can write if you got it!  hee

Deborah Reed - Troll 2 Queen, Darren Ewing, Christina Reynolds

Troll 2 Screenshot – Deborah Reed – Troll 2 Queen, Darren Ewing, Christina Reynolds


Here’s a little hint . . . .  

My character, Creedence Leonore Gielgud is reacting to the two strangers, Arnold and a wandering lost girl who have stumbled into her creepy abode.  Arnold asks, “What is this place?”  Creedence replies, “My ancestors come from Stonehenge…..”

Do you remember what happened to Christina’s character?


Poor Christina.  When I met her, I remember thinking what a lovely girl she was. I’ll never forget that sweet girl’s dilemma.  Sinking in Green Jello and her teeth were chattering!  She was freezing!    And she was stuck there for quite awhile, but fortunately was done in one take. 

And what happened to Arnold?  Welllllll, that’s for another Blog! 

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~ Goblin smooches, Creedence, your Troll 2 Queen – Deba Do – Deborah Reed 

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  1. Tristan says: Reply

    “My ancestors came from Stonehenge!” And the girl turned into green goop(after drinking your broth) and your minions started eating her! I must say of course I love the movie and everything about it, but you are my favorite character in the movie and you give the best, most believable performance!

    1. Deborah Reed says: Reply

      You know your Troll 2, Tristan! hee hee Thank you also, for your kind words! 😀

    2. Kristy says: Reply

      She drank the broth credence gave her (there eating her then there going to eat me) 😱

      1. Deborah Reed says: Reply

        Hee hee, Kristy! Creedence is waiiiiiiiiiting for youuuuuu! 😀 Thanks for your comment!

  2. Troll 2 is one of my faves! Thank you for reaching out to your fans and embracing our fanatacism…my best, queen 😉 cheers!

    1. Deborah Reed says: Reply

      It is my absolute pleasure, Robert! so nice of you to say so. 🙂

  3. When I see shots from that scene, all I hear is “they’re eating her, then they’re going to eat me!” And “oh my gawwwwwwwd.” Lol.

    1. Deborah Reed says: Reply

      Hee… I think many agree with you, Wilbert! Truly has become a cult classic saying and famous (infamous) line! 😀 Thanks much for commenting!

  4. Brooke Nolley Wolf says: Reply

    If I remember correctly, then Arnold asks about where they are. Creedance replies that she’s from Stonehenge. The poor girl becomes a big pile of green goo, and Arnold becomes a plant in a pot.
    Yes, I got it correct! Troll 2 has been a favorite of mine since I first saw it on HBO in the 90s. For the longest time, I had these memories of a movie where a woman and a man create popcorn out of a corn cob. I rewatched Troll 2 sometime in the early 2000s, and I remembered that it was the film that had been stuck in my brain for all those years.

    1. Deborah Reed says: Reply

      Right! That is pretty much what happens in that particular scene, Brooke! Very good on your “Troll 2” recall! 😀
      Thanks for sharing your fun memories about the film, as well. Love it!

  5. Brad McVean says: Reply

    They eat the food, the girlfriend goes upstairs. The girlfriend turns into a green blob. They’re eating her! And then they’re going eat me! Oh My Gahhhhhhhddddddd!!!!! 🙂 I think this is in my top 5 favorite bad movies! I especially love you’re character performance and how over the top it is 🙂

    1. Deborah Reed says: Reply

      Very good Troll 2isims, Brad! You are so nice to say that about me. Over-the-top Creedence was sure fun to portray!!! 😀

  6. Brad McVean says: Reply

    They eat the food, the girlfriend goes upstairs. The girlfriend turns into a green blob. They’re eating her! And then they’re going eat me! Oh My Gahhhhhhhddddddd!!!!! 🙂

  7. Thomas Bierfeldt says: Reply

    “My name is creedence leonold gielgud(spelling) of ancient Druid origins. My ancestors are from Stonehenge. Am I mistaken, or is there something wrong with the two of you?” The girl was given a “miraculous” broth which transformed her into food for “your children”

    1. Deborah Reed says: Reply

      ha ha… You’ve mentioned some I’d forgotten to, Thomas! So fun. Thank you for commenting!

  8. Thomas Bierfeldt says: Reply

    Troll 2 is my absolute favorite move. I do a summer teen travel program and watching troll 2, on the bus, is a tradition.

    1. Deborah Reed says: Reply

      Wow! How cool is that, Thomas! Educating our youth on the virtues of Troll 2. LOL You must send me info and pics of your Troll 2 adventures! Send them to my Troll 2 Queen fan page or to my email troll2queen@gmail.com I’d love to share them!

  9. Thad powell says: Reply

    This is just before the girl is turned to green too and the boy starts turning into a tree.

    1. Deborah Reed says: Reply

      That is certainly part of the Troll 2 picture, Thad! Thanks so much for commenting! 😀

  10. Audrey says: Reply

    “There is no hospital in Nilbog, we are used to curing ourselves.”–Creedence says to Arnold while drawing attention to her homemade broth.

    1. Deborah Reed says: Reply

      Hee hee, Audrey. Love the Troll 2 memories that are still brewing in you wee little heads! 😉 Thanks for commenting!!

  11. Matt says: Reply

    I remember watching this on HBO in the 90s! This was the scene just before she turned to green goo. I found the two pack double feature dvd years ago and it is still one of my favorite monster movies 🙂

    1. Deborah Reed says: Reply

      Yep! Green goo was her fate! 😀 I love hearing how fans who remember watching it when it first came out and enjoy it to this day! Thanks much for commenting, Matt! 🙂

  12. Brian says: Reply

    There is no hospital in Nilbog! We are used to curing ourselves!

    Colderon boiling over

    Girl has a freak out, goes upstairs for some reason, gets eaten, OH MY GODDDDDDD

    1. Deborah Reed says: Reply

      BOOM! Ha ha, Brian! (And there really was no hospital in Nilbog that would help me (they were supposed to help with part of my costume, then declined. But that’s for another blog! hee) Thanks so much for commenting! 😀

  13. Keith Thorsen says: Reply

    Allow me to introduce myself. I am Creedence Leonore Gielgud, of ancient druid origins… My ancestors came from Stonehenge!
    Am I mistaken, or is there something WRONG with the two of you? *Off-the-hook eyebrow movements*

    “We’re very sick ma’am…please call a doctor”

    THERE IS NO HOSPITAL IN NILBOG! We take pride in curing ourselves…..

    Hahaha, absolutely LOVE Troll 2 and Creedence is the MVP! Much love for many years from me 💖

    1. Deborah Reed says: Reply

      You got that all nailed down, Keith! Love the eyebrow antics! hee
      Thank you for the love and kind words! <3

  14. Eric says: Reply

    I would love to try some of your broth!
    One of the best scenes.

    1. Deborah Reed says: Reply

      Well, come on over to Nilbog, Eric… We have some waiting for you….. 😉
      Glad you loved the scene! Thanks for telling me. 🙂

  15. HotrodHoarder says: Reply


    1. Deborah Reed says: Reply

      Definitely part of this overall scene, HotrodHoarder! Actually in the very beginning… which I’m planning to do another blog about, soon! One of my most famous lines… 😉 Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  16. Deborah Reed says: Reply

    Congrats, Keith Thorson, you are the winner in the random drawing! 😀 I’ll contact you through the email connected to your comment. Thanks so much for commenting and the Troll 2 love! <3 🙂

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