Amazon Prime 2017! Awesome Deals!

Amazon Prime Day -Frankenstein's Bride Wants to Shop!

Amazon Prime!  Hurry to Catch the Cool Deals!  I love amazon and the friendly customer service whenever I’ve had a question or not happy with something I’ve ordered.  Great experience.  So I became an affiliate which means I get a small kickback whenever you enter through one of my links on anything you purchase on […]

13 Vintage Soldiers, Kitties & Blessings


We honor the men and women who are often put in harms way.  We are grateful for their bravery.  I like to also always remember their tender sides.  There is nothing more tender to me than the love for sweet cats, often in need of love and assistance in times of strife in the world.  And KITTIES, […]

Bowels Pooped? Get Things Moving Naturally!

NATURAL CONSTIPATION RELIEF What if I told you there was something that would create a natural constipation relief and bless you with better health for under $25 you would use EVERY TIME you ‘GO‘ for the REST OF YOUR LIFE?  😀  Woo Hoo! FUNNY VIDEO & INFO below! UPDATE! 72 HOUR SALE  Squatty Potty SALE~ CLICK LINK or See more below! EVERYTHING […]

Modern, Contemporary Style is Not New!

MODERN! CONTEMPORARY! ECLECTIC! I’m an eclectic kind of gal.  I love a good mix! Growing up, my cute mom always told me that with contemporary decor, it was always good to throw a few antiques into the mix.  With eclectic, you can be even more adventurous, as in combining various styles.  These days, with so […]