Modern, Contemporary Style is Not New!


I’m an eclectic kind of gal.  I love a good mix! Growing up, my cute mom always told me that with contemporary decor, it was always good to throw a few antiques into the mix.  With eclectic, you can be even more adventurous, as in combining various styles.  These days, with so many wonderful new-old designs available, it’s a breeze!  I like most any style of decor as long as it is done well.  I especially love modern with a mix which I am doing for my post-flood New Decor!  Different from my previous Old world with modern mixed in. Stay tuned!  😀

Good Design is Timeless

Mid-Century Modern Design ~ Always Fabulous

Contemporary sofa amid antiques and classic styles


This retro – 50’s contemporary design is extremely popular today


Classic Vintage magazines

Growing up, my grandma and mom always had fabulous magazines I loved to peruse through.  House & garden was a fave.  I still have quite a collection of them.  I’ll share them with you in future blogs!modern-design-vintage-house-&-garden



MODERN Design Made Easy!

If you love these looks and you love Eclectic, this is the place for you!  ALLMODERN online!

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I can’t wait to get shopping!

Itching for all the fun stuff for my new home decor!  I’m getting closer to that point!  My son, Gavin, who is helping me, and I, keep finding new issues to deal with on our DIY Remodel.  This can of worms has just taken longer than we expected!  😉  I’ve got to do some catch up blogs on our progress, but you can follow along on My Green Remodel!


I’m an affiliate for AllModern!  This means if you click on any of my photo/graphic links and purchase anything on their site within the next 30 days, I will receive a small commission.  Yay!  win – win.  😀

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  1. Rick & Roll says: Reply

    Rick & Roll

  2. Rick & Roll says: Reply

    Love the contemporary and retro modern styles! I want a 60s james bond apartment.

    1. Deborah Reed says: Reply

      Love that idea, Rick & Roll! I hope you’ll send me pics! 😀 Thanks for commenting!

  3. Sarah W. says: Reply

    I LOVE these styles!! This gives me so many ideas!

    1. Deborah Reed says: Reply

      Fabulous! Makes me very happy to hear, Sarah! 😀 Thank you for telling me.

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