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Laughter Quote for a Beautiful Life

Laughter for the Soul

Babies cry easily but they also laugh so effortlessly and easily.  And we can’t help but laugh along with them! Laughter is indeed contagious – Is it not?  😀

Sources of Laughter

In the most trying of times, I have found moments of laughter.  I can find humor and laughter in the most unusual places and most often find myself laughing at myself! Surround yourself with those that have good energy and have auras of joy about them.  I also love to read humorous books, and watch funny film and TV!  I love to write with humor wherever possible.  My books will be out soon!

“Laughter is an Instant Vacation”  ~ Milton Berle

Milton Berle (born Mendel Berlinger; July 12, 1908 – March 27, 2002) was an American comedian and actor. I remember watching him as a child on TV and like to remember the laughs he gave my grandparents and especially my wonderful uncle who couldn’t speak, but his happiness was apparent.  What joy this was to behold!

Do You Know Who This Baby Is?

I chose this photo for my meme,because it is an adorable depiction of laughter, but also for the baby!  When I saw this image in searching for laughing face, I thought … This is it!  He was a well known child star known for saying, “Okey-dokey”.  He brought smiles and laughs to many, and I remember him well.  He was best known as _ _ _ _ _ _, from a very popular series.

View him here… But before peeking… Write you answer or guess in the comments below!  🙂 

Laughter the Best Medicine

It is true what they say!  Laughter has a positive, even medicinal affect on our body!  It relaxes our body.  therefore, it  boosts our immune systems, because it helps release endorphins, diffuses anger, which is good for our heart!  

This is a wonderful article on the benefits of happy laughing, from HelpGuide.org.

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    One of the little rascles….!

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    Spanky – George McFarland

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    I needed this perspective

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