Signed “Troll 2” Movie Giveaway!


Greetings, my darling Minions!  Your queen is getting all tingly and giddy with that chill in the air and my Goblins running around positively stir-crazy in anticipation of HALLOWEEN!  Aren’t they just adorable.  🙂


So, in celebration, I thought I would do a GIVEAWAY!  Troll 2 (The 20th Anniversary Nilbog Edition [Blu-ray/Multi-Format] Signed by yours truly ~ Creedence, Deborah Reed ~ with a special message to you or whomever you choose. 


I get a kick out of this cover art.  So pictorial of our dear little town of Nilbog.  And the glowing eyes?  Well sure, why not?  Just another little Stonehenge secret….  And how lovely, there I am with my welcoming Nettle cake.  Now that’s hospitality!  😉

All You Have to Do, Is Heat It Up!


So get that popcorn poppin’ and enter so you’ll be ready this season for a fun movie night with your honey or your next Troll 2 Party!

♣   How to Enter   ♣

 #1 COMMENT in the box below, in 25 words or less, in your opinion:  What was the FUNNIEST MOMENT in the film, Troll 2?  😀       (Just one entry per person – and please keep it clean to qualify. 🙂)

#2 SUBSCRIBE  (in the right-hand column).

That’s it!  Saturday, October 1, we will do a drawing from all the entries and I’ll announce the winner.

♣   Thanks much!   ♣

Stay tuned for more fun & Goblin Giveaways!  After you enter, check out my IMDB page for Creedence/Deborah pics, trivia, etc.  🙂

With Love & Goblin smooches, Creedence Leonore Gielgud, your Queen  ♥  Deborah Reed



****  Congratulations to Jason Howard!    ***  

Please message me, Jason, on facebook and we can arrange how to send your prize!   😀

And due to a brain goof of mine, I wrote the wrong last name originally.  I will honor that and Jason Strong will also receive a prize.  See my fb page for details.


I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed all of your fun, zany, hilarious comments which brought me much laughter and delight!  Thank you also for all the Likes on my FB post & the SHARES! 🙂


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Love & Goblin kisses, your Queen, Creedence

139 Comment

  1. Travis wiesman says: Reply

    Troll 2 is one of my all time favorite movies!! The funniest part to me is when Joshua urinates on the families food.

    1. Ryan Voss says: Reply

      You see this? Hospitality! And you can’t piss on hospitality. I WON’T ALLOW I! Not only is it the funniest thing in the movie, it’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen in any movie.

  2. Jeremy Thomas says: Reply

    The funniest moment in this film was, “Think of the cholesterol!” That had me howling to the moon and back. I love this movie. Comedy platinum!

  3. Holly Cedarstrom says: Reply

    We LOVE Troll 2 and you. Hard to choose a funniest part. Hmm… “No more… no popcorn!” Such a funny scene, out of nowhere. 😉 Now I need to watch it! 🙂

  4. Evalinda George says: Reply

    Troll 2 is my top favorite cult classic movie of all time. The funniest part for me is when Arnold becomes paralyzed and then realize he’s going to eaten. Ohhh myyy Gooodddd lol ♡

  5. Kristy says: Reply

    Love troll 2 and my goblin queen. I have two fav parts of the film Arnold there eating her and then there going to eat me oooooommmmmmgggggggg.

    Then my other favorite is when you hear things up in the camper.

  6. Brooke Wolf says: Reply

    The funniest part for me is the corn scene. That’s the part that I remembered from my childhood when I rediscovered it years later.

  7. Eric Taylor says: Reply

    So many hilarious moments, but my favorite is definitely the popcorn scene! A total WTF moment lol

  8. Atom says: Reply

    Double decker bologna sandwich! “Think of the cholesterol!” That line always gets me. Not to forget “trying to turn me homo?!”

  9. Joey says: Reply

    The line “he’d cut off your little nuts and eat ’em” will be studied for thousands of years as the pinnacle of Western civilization. Thank you for your talent and support for the TROLL 2 fan community.

  10. Danielle says: Reply

    The first time I watched, I was alone. When Credence danced in holding the corncob, I LOST it in a laughing fit. Best. Moment. Ever.

  11. Mike Ivey says: Reply

    “You can’t piss on hospitality!”

  12. Tom says: Reply

    The funniest part is the green stuff all over all of the food and nobody questioning it as being concerning. “This apple is delicious”

  13. Dillon Latham says: Reply

    The Popcorn Love Scene Because It’s The Funniest Love Scene I Ever Seen! There’s No Other Love Scene Like This One.

  14. Jon says: Reply

    A lot of fun moments, for some reason when the car and the mom is berating Joshua to sing that song she likes so much and they star singing Row,Row,Row Your boat…in the round.

  15. Tim says: Reply

    My favorite part has to be “Oh my Gooooooooddddd!”.

  16. JUSTIN REEVES says: Reply

    The look on your face when that kid starts munching down on the triple decker bologna sandwich and the trolls blow up…I’m in tears!

  17. JUSTIN REEVES says: Reply

    Sorry, I meant the Goblins blow up hahaha

  18. David Fischer says: Reply

    Defeated by a baloney sandwich

  19. Jodi says: Reply

    Holly’s dance is up there, but my favorite is the Row Row Row your boat scene.

    1. Jodi says: Reply

      Oh, and the fly on Arnold’s head when he’s yelling the infamous “Oh My Gahhhhd!”

  20. Audrey says: Reply

    I’m an aspiring dietitian and Creedence is my role model! “*gasp* Think of the cholesterol! Think of the toxins!” That’s nutrition counseling at it’s finest! ?

  21. Kyle says: Reply

    “You can’t piss on hospitality, I won’t allow it!” Perfect moment and delivery, hilarious.

  22. The funniest moment is when Mr Waits is discussing his family vacation with the wife in his pajamas, his pajama keeps buttoning and unbuttoning through out the conversation. It cracks me up every time.

  23. Austin says: Reply

    The popcorn scene. ‘Neff said.

  24. Julie says: Reply

    “They’re eating her, then they’re going to eat me. OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.” His lack of emotion during that scene cracks me up!

  25. Seth Augenstein says: Reply

    “Oh my godddddddddd”

  26. Logan Palshook says: Reply

    For me it has to be when grandpa scares the sister by conjuring in front of her instead of joshua! Haha

  27. Ryan says: Reply

    You see this writing?! You know what it means?! Hospitality!!! And you can’t piss on hospitality, I won’t allow it!!!

    Just one part of many, many memorable moments.

  28. Katie says: Reply

    The funniest bit is the “title music”, I almost choked on my nilbog milk when I first heard it! This film is outstanding!

  29. Michael Truckmonth Ricker says: Reply

    I love the popcorn scene, the part where Joshua pisses on the Nilbog food, and the Grandparents using the fire extinguisher as a “distraction.”

    But a part I love that hasn’t been mentioned is where Holly suggests a seance and Josh responds “You’re a genius!”

  30. paul arfmann says: Reply

    Joshua saving the family by urinating all over their dinner followed by the infamous line: “You can’t piss on hospitality. I won’t allow it!”

  31. Jason Howard says: Reply

    So many to choose from, but gotta be, for me, that the mom’s song she ‘likes so much’ is just ‘Row, row, row your boat…’

  32. Carlo Pastormerlo says: Reply

    I thought everything was already overwhelmingly over the top, and then the popcorn scene happened.

  33. Gary Bowden says: Reply

    Funniest part for me was “They’re eating her…and then they’re going to eat me…OH MY GOOOOD!!” The popcorn scene and when Hollytells her boyfriend that her dad is going to grind his nuts and eat them…and when the father tightens his belt and tells Joshua that you don’t piss on hospitality….

  34. Matt C. says: Reply

    It has to be when Arnold is witnessing the girl being eaten by the Goblins…err..I mean Trolls, and promptly screams “OH MY GOD!!!!!”

  35. The look on Mom’s face when Creedence refers to Holly as appetizing.

  36. The funniest moment for me was when The Goblin Queen and her minions are thwarted by a Ham Sandwich.

  37. John Cottam says: Reply

    Hmmm. Popcorn and kissin’! It just dosn’t get any better than that!

  38. Alexandra says: Reply

    Troll 2 is a definite favorite of mine! I love showing it to people who have never seen it before. The popcorn scene kills me every time I watch it.

  39. Justin Stangler says: Reply

    “No trouble . . . really.” Ha! Creedence presents the mother with a cake, stares into the camera (and our souls) breaking the 4th wall.

  40. mike says: Reply

    The funniest part of Troll 2 is when the kid yells “OH MY GODDDDD!”
    It’s an instant classic like around this household. =)

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  41. The best part by far is the hard”corn” make out scene in the trailer! I especially love the synth funk soundtrack. A group of friends and I enjoyed it so thoroughly that we absolutely HAD to write some lyrics to go along with the fantastic score. To this day I can’t watch that segment without singing along in my head “Won’t you invite me in?” “I’VE GOT SOME CORN FOR YOU!!!”

  42. Steven says: Reply

    Really the only reason why I’m signing up for this giveaway is because you referenced the best part of the movie.

  43. I like when the crazy guy is trying to give them some nasty Nilbog milk. It’s not even cold!

  44. David Venersky says: Reply

    I would have to say it is impossible to pick a funniest moment in this movie. Troll 2 is perfectly hallarious from beginning to end. Classic.

  45. Jimmy Stratton says: Reply

    Favorite scene? There’s so many! But I would definitely have to say the popcorn scene. Let’s eat it together!!!

  46. Walter Wiseman says: Reply

    Troll 2 is awesomeness. Period.

  47. Micheal says: Reply

    Funniest part of Troll 2 is all of it! Favorite movie of all time.

  48. Greg Mariano says: Reply

    To this day, whenever I meet someone named Joshua, I automatically say, “Come on, sing that song I like so much!” Lol! My funiest moment! 🙂

  49. The popcorn scene. My friends were all over and we had to re-watch the scene twice because we were laughing too loud!

    Thanks for everything!

  50. Chase Costley says: Reply

    “You can’t piss on hospitality I won’t allow it”

  51. Anthony Marraffa says: Reply

    “Yooooooouuuu will be PUNISHED for THISSSSSSSSS!”
    Whenever I’m feeling down I’ll pop in the DVD. Deborah’s performance is the best in this film!

  52. Jessica Frandsen says: Reply

    I love Troll 2!!! Best. Movie. Ever! Funiest part: “aaahhh think about the cholesterol! Think about…. THE TOXINS!”

  53. Creedance: (holding the chainsaw) “…you’ll just feel a little tickle, little flower!”

  54. mike says: Reply

    A cult classic!!!! Def the popcorn scene:)

  55. Maria Silbermann says: Reply

    Oh, the over-the-top acting performance you gave was fascinating and really funny, especially the bit with the chain saw! ?

  56. Brett fedoruk says: Reply

    I like when grandpa Seth pops up in the wrong room ?

  57. paul whiston says: Reply

    the funniest part is definitely the theyre eating her and theyre going to eat me too bit lol

  58. Samuel says: Reply

    The whole movie is full of such good scenes, but my favorite would have to be Holly’s dance in the mirror, and the monologue that follows after it. Although it’s hard to pick just one that one seems to be my favorite part every time I rewatch!

  59. Bob Brown says: Reply

    The part that always makes me laugh is when Joshua conjures a “DOUBLE DECKER BOLOGNA SANDWICH!” and the look of horror that comes across your face, just leaves me in stitches.

  60. Austin Malcome says: Reply

    When Joshua pulls out that giant bologna sandwich. “A double Decker bologna sandwich!” What else could defeat an evil queen with overwhelming magical powers?

  61. Wayne Musson says: Reply

    ‘They’re eating her, then they’re going to eat me…. OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!’ – It’s so ridiculously over the top. I love it!!

  62. Joshua Monsoon says: Reply

    I think it’s hilarious how many times they say the name Joshua. By far the funniest parts.

  63. When Grandpa appears in the mirror and says: “I dont know the layout of the house”. I for every time! Love this film and you!

    1. *die, not for. Silly autocorrect

  64. Gareth Paterson says: Reply

    “Oh my Gooooooooooooooooood!”

  65. Ronald Oliver says: Reply

    There’s so many funny moments, but the popcorn scene is my favorite! Thanks

  66. Tiffany Avino says: Reply

    Having to pick one moment out of such n amazing film is hard. But I’d have to go with Arnold realizing he’s about to be eaten and is paralized. Tough luck cookie. Lol

  67. Dave H says: Reply

    The….Lightning! ⚡️

  68. DingoAtMyBaby says: Reply

    “All we have to do is heat up!” Classic 🙂

  69. Jerry Kochendoerfer says: Reply

    The moment that made me laugh so hard I literally threw up a little in my mouth was “This is myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy house!”

  70. Mike Keating says: Reply

    So many replies! My favorite funny moment is, “nilbog is goblin spelled backwards!”

    I hope I win!

    Mike Keating

  71. Glenn says: Reply

    When Joshua’s dad teaches him a lesson in hospitality and doing without.

  72. Austin Young says: Reply

    The stunningly unforseen revelation that Nilbog is Goblin spelled backwards.

  73. David Totty says: Reply

    “I’m untightening my belt by one loop so that I don’t feel hunger pains, and your sister and mother will have to do likewise!”

  74. Funniest moment in Troll 2? Wow… That’s just a tough question isn’t it? There’s so many hilarious moments to choose from! I have to say my favourite character was Creedence. I could watch Creedence vegify people all day! The bit where she turns the guy into a pot plant, then prunes him with a chainsaw was a favourite! Or the popcorn scene? No, that was great too, but my favourite was when she made the guy into a tree!

  75. Mike says: Reply

    The shopkeeper offering milk because he’s a vegetarian. No coffee because it’s the devils drink!

  76. Nathan Plum says: Reply

    I love the popcorn scene,so funny yet sexy!

  77. Victor says: Reply

    Every line and the spectacular crazy eyes Creedence gives are the best!

  78. Aric Schaubroeck says: Reply

    I love when they figure out the sandwich is the secret weapon. The first time I saw that I must have spit my pop everywhere. Thanks for the chance to own this gem on bluray(and autographed!)

  79. Gary Hill says: Reply

    It has a white girl dance and workout montage. Corn-gasms and baloney genocide. The druids hate preservatives! What else do you need in a film? Love Troll 2!

  80. Audrey (now subscribed) says: Reply

    I’m an aspiring dietitian and Creedence is my role model! “*gasp* Think of the cholesterol! Think of the toxins!” That’s nutrition counseling at it’s finest! ?

  81. John says: Reply

    The bit where that guy tries to tell the goblins to leave, gets a spear jammed into his shoulder and screams really theatrically.

  82. Kat says: Reply

    Nilbog is my happy place.
    The exchange between C.L.G. & Mrs. Waits—
    “She is very… appetizing.”
    Team Green, my Queen!

  83. Zach Gant says: Reply

    The scene with the shop keeper is hilarious.
    There’s no coffee here in nilbog it’s the devil’s drink!

  84. Eric Williams says: Reply

    “Do you see this writing…? Do you know what it means…? Hospitality. And you can’t piss on hospitality! I WON’T ALLOW IT!” By far for me is the most memorable line I’ll always think of when I think of troll 2. ?

  85. You can’t p*ss on hospitality.” – best line!

  86. Joe says: Reply

    When Arnold can’t handle all the vegetarian carnage of the “trolls”
    “Their eating her! And then they’re gunna eat me! OH MY GOD!!!!”

  87. Brigitte Flynn says: Reply

    “Joshua is not a little shit; he’s just very sensitive.”

  88. Jarrod Cox says: Reply

    My favorite funny part in Troll 2 was scene with the drug store owner. His comments were hilarious. He always offered that lovely green goblin milk too lol.

  89. The store keeper making grossed out sounds every time he was ask for something. That store keeper was truly terrifying, truly.

  90. BEST scene hands down was the shopkeepers response to “Eggs?”… “Aaaegch!” Quite possibly the best character ever to grace film.

  91. Scott Spaulding says: Reply

    Almost impossible to pick just one of my favorite funny parts but “you can’t piss on hospitality” is probably the number one part.

  92. Megan Carter says: Reply

    My favorite part is when Creedence looks from side to side and finally hides the corn as if the guy hadn’t already saw it!

  93. Matt says: Reply

    I think the funniest part was when they showed the credits, like anyone cares about who made this movie.

    Seriously though I love this movie.

  94. Charlene says: Reply

    Creedence’s first appearance over the stairway is, and always will be, pure cinematic gold.

  95. C.L. says: Reply

    The Dinner scene for sure. Thank you

  96. Tristan Patrick says: Reply

    The funniest part in Troll 2 is “Oh my G-O-D!”

  97. Nick says: Reply

    Troll flying out of the mirror

  98. Dax says: Reply

    Greatest moment? So many, but I love “They’re eating her…. And they’re going to eat me… OH MY GAAAAAAAAAAAHD”

  99. Too many classic scenes, but the introduction of Sheriff Gene Freak never fails to crack me up!

  100. Brandon Crawford says: Reply

    I think the funniest part was when the sheriff laughed at that guy for thinking that there were girls in that town. Anything around the general store was pretty solid.

  101. Wilbert Lively says: Reply

    My favorite has to be “You can’t piss on hospitality! I won’t allow it!” Awesome.

  102. Clayrein says: Reply

    “… Who are the goblins?”

  103. Steve Blackfoot says: Reply

    I loved the scene when the “Goblin Queen” heated things up, and there was popcorn flying every where…lol
    ( i always like to eat popcorn during that scene for some reason 🙂

  104. Besides the great performance by the villainess, everything before the end credits is just too good! Did I mention the Goblin Queen? Wow! 😉

  105. Julia Faith says: Reply

    The seance that takes place in the Farmer Waits’ kitchen, complete with a centerpiece of already melted and dripping candles. I love that it somehow results in Grandpa Seth’s physical manifestation, and ultimately the overthrow of a Goblin Queen.

  106. Amanda says: Reply

    Holly’s dance, obviously. I think I’ve gotten pretty good at it ?

  107. Michael Slack says: Reply

    The shopkeeper is the funniest part for me. When he shows his distain for meat, coffee and such, just hilarious 🙂

  108. Peter says: Reply

    The Popcorn Scene, it’s the perfect combination of music, acting and what the hell to be one of the greatest scenes in horror movie history!

  109. I know everyone picks it, but the popcorn scene is the greatest scene of all time!

  110. For some reason, my go to quote and favorite moment is: “Hey your friends have a message for you…that’s him. He said to meet him in the house that looks like an old church.”

    It’s genuinely bad delivery from someone who may actually not have known they were being filmed. Makes me laugh every time.

  111. Craig Cedarstrom says: Reply

    “You Can’t Piss on Hospitality”! oh the young lady’s “Freckles” in the opening scene!

  112. Frederic Park says: Reply

    Best PArt is the infamous “Oh My Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd” lol

  113. Peyton says: Reply

    Your introduction was clearly the best part! After “This is MYYYYYYY HOUSE”, I knew I was in for an unforgettable experience.

  114. Joshua Stewart says: Reply

    I’ve always found George Hardy’s hospitaliy speech to be great, but I never cease to be amused by the popcorn scene (as pictured above of course).

    1. Joshua Stewart says: Reply

      *hospitality, damn my eyes!

  115. “Think of the cholesterol “

  116. Danny Tomlinson says: Reply

    probably seen it 100 times. Favorite moments are grandpa Seth. You can’t piss on hospatality. And of corse the lovely creedence heating it up.

  117. Troll 2 is one of the cheesiest movies of all time, and i like it for that, and the popcorn scene was my favorite scene for sure. lol

  118. Anthony S. Buoni says: Reply

    Oh my god! Classic.

  119. Thomas Price says: Reply

    The scene where the two families meet to exchange the house. Everything looks and feels wrong and surreal, but they still go through with it.

  120. the popcorn love scene!

  121. Dawn Kemp says: Reply

    You can’t piss on hospitality! I won’t allow it!

  122. dave says: Reply

    The whole movie is insanely wonderful. I think the zaniest part is Holly’s workout montage with all the 80’s iconography. I always crack up over Mrs. Waits lecturing Joshua at the beginning of the movie about seeing his dead grandpa, and her explaining that it was difficult for “me, his daughter”.

  123. Michael Pruitt says: Reply

    I think the funniest part in the movie is when George Hardy comes out on the porch and automatically grabs the random fire extinguisher to put out the fire like he knew it was already there. Haha.

  124. says: Reply

    Pissing on hospitality. That’s it! Funniest moment ever hands down

  125. Deanne Malcome says: Reply

    Holly’s dance was hilarious. I’ve tried to master it, but it’s harder than it looks!

  126. Chris says: Reply

    “You’re a genius, big sister!” Perfectly hammy delivery enhanced by the awkward camera zoom on his face.

  127. Laurwn says: Reply

    My favorite scene in troll 2 is when Elliot surprises Holly in her room!

  128. Joe Atom says: Reply

    Or the 80s montage workout. Bloody amazing!
    Also my dvd copy always skips and I miss the last minute. Please take pity on me, Goblin queen!

  129. Sandra says: Reply

    The funniest most underrated scene in troll 2 has to be when grandpa smith tells Jacob that he needs to do something I order to keep his family from eating, he freezes time and jacod spreads his bodily fluids over dinner. The moms reaction of “please don’t hit him” and farmer Whaits” big disciplinary conversation about “country hospitality” lol “you see these signs it means hospitality, you can’t piss in hospitality, I WONT ALLOW IT!!”

  130. Lori says: Reply

    I love the erotic Popcorn scene! Lol!!

  131. David Venersky says: Reply

    I thought it was 25 words or less. Just saying. Congratulations Jason!

  132. Wow, I won! Thank you, Deborah – I can’t wait, and I’ll definitely be getting into the Halloween spirit with one of my favorite movies of all time. There are so many great moments, that it was near impossible to pick just one. Thank you, again!!!

    1. Deborah Reed says: Reply

      So happy you’re so happy, Jason! 😀 Your signed Troll 2 will be on the way in a few days! Send some pics if you like. I’d love that! 🙂

  133. Sanders says: Reply

    You can’t piss on hospitality!

    1. Deborah Reed says: Reply

      😀 Sanders! That’s for sure!

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